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Dear friends a pleasant environment
IVIS.CZ is one of the leading companies in the Czech Republic, specializing in  air fresheners, the classical commercial use, as well as privat label for advertising purposes and direct importer of adhesives and fragrances into cars. The company was founded in 1992. In our offer there are air fresheners, promotional air fresheners, perfumes in the car, scarer moths, the smell of the vacuum cleaner and so on. Products that can refresh a pleasant interior of your car, office or a variety of rooms, and pleasant environment, their smell and in some cases enjoy a fun and tasteful design. We offer high quality  product of organic materials, paints, paper and fragrances. We will be pleased if you decide to use this advertising items for your presentation and fragrant trees used to support sales of its products and services, as a small souvenir. We go up to meet your needs and wishes. We hope that you will be if they cooperate satisfied with our products.

Aromatic trees
Environment sweeten their smell. Durability scent and color fastness. Thanks to quality packaging materials do not escape an undesirable flavor to the packaging area.

Private tags

Highly effective means of advertising that will please.

Perfume car

Real perfume is in the car creates a pleasant environment.

Aromatic Speaker

Simple and elegant in a car freshener leaving a pleasant smell.


Universal kynoakrylátové glue


Preparation of anti-moth.

Smell the shoes and baskets

Household odorless

Fragrant animals

Animals that smell.

Nicotine corrector

Sink smell of cigarette smell car, apartment and office.

Aromatic content of the vacuum cleaner

Fragrant vacuuming.

Tag to liquid-based

Simple Health Check fragrant essences.

Aromatic cartridges irons

Scented ironing.